Is Kanye a Bully?

Photo: Getty Images

As of now, you should be familiar of the spectacle that rapper and song writer Kanye West created on the stage of MTV’s Video Music Awards during Taylor Swifts first, yes FIRST, acceptance speech.  How rude was that?!  And who could forget Obama’s comment (that was supposed to be off record) that Kanye was a jackass. Simply hilarious!  If the president of the United States has gotten involved and given that type of comment… then Kanye, you should really be embarrassed.  Hmm… maybe this calls for another beer summit at the White House Kanye… what do you say?  It’s not the first time the hip hop icon made a spectacle at a music awards show.  Remember when he got on stage a few years back and stated that former President Bush hated black people?  Who could forget that. Whatever happened to thinking before speaking? 

But looking back at the his actions at the VMA’s, one could probably say that Kanye was simply being a bully and even a bit narcissistic, too. You maybe wondering: Well how is that possible?  If you look back in his brief interview with Jay Leno a few days back, Jay Leno asked Kanye how would his mother have felt if she was alive to see his childish behavior on stage?  Kanye’s response was utter silence and hurt was seen on his face. When he finally spoke, his voice cracked.  It is clear that Kanye is hurting, and in response to that, hurts someone else.  Come on Kanye… someone doesn’t have to think twice before realizing that an action like that at the VMA’s would hurt someone.

Fortunately, Taylor Swift was able to complete her speech that night when Beyonce called her on the stage during her own award acceptance time for best female music video. Thanks Beyonce! Well, as of now, Kanye states that he is taking time off from work since the incident. My response: (sigh).


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