When a burger is a very good burger

Being from Europe, the first thing I wanted to try when coming to the U.S. was The American Burger. I was kind of disappointed since, in the end, they seemed pretty similar to what we have back home (perhaps a little bit bigger)… a bun, a peace of ground meat, cheese, bacon…same old, same old. But, one day, I overheard this woman telling her friend how she had found the most delicious burgers ever and I couldn’t resist the temptation of eavesdropping even more into their conversation until I finally got the vital piece of information. The place was Bobby’s Burger Palace, the location, Smithhaven Mall.

So, there I was on the next day. The place, a big, monothematic building with curvy tables and high stools struck me as inviting. The staff was friendly and the prices reasonable. If it had been in a horrible place I wouldn’t have cared either…the food was soooo great it would be totally worth it.

The menu consists of location-named burgers (L.A. Burger, Dallas Burger, etc) each one with a unique combination of ingredients. Take for example the Napa Valley Burger, my favorite by far, and you get the burger topped with fresh goat cheese, watercress and meyer lemonhoney mustard… and it only costs $7.50! Also, the quality of the meat is amazing. And, if you want, you can crunchify your burgers, which means adding potato chips inside the sandwich.

One thing I liked a lot also was that the portions seemed just right. I hate those humoungous burgers where all you get is looks but no flavor. This was a normal size…something weird these days. And, if you want to complement your burger, you can add french fries, sweet potato fries or the best onion rings ever.

Finally, even though in my preconceptions I always believed that restaurant chains had the most synthetic food ever , I was proved wrong with Bobby’s Burger Palace. This chain pertains to chef Bobby Flay, somewhat of a celebrity among chefs. He is known for his expertise in traditional American cuisine and casual, laid-down recipes. He is also a correspondant for the Food Network.

So, next time you go to Smithaven Mall, stop at this place, you won’t regret it.

pictures from beefaficionado.com and chainleader.com


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