Stony Brook Journalism School at a Glance

The journalism major at Stony Brook University is actually relatively new. The classes are built so students emerge themselves in Journalism 24/7.

When you first begin, you start out with the news literacy class. This course is designed to introduce you to the journalism world. You are required to read the newspaper daily, think about what is morally and ethically right or wrong, and critique the works of journalists, whether they are investigative journalists, photographers, or authors.

The journalism major itself is a very dedicated major. In order to survive, you must be determined and passionate about this field. Upon completing the first class its time to learn how journalism works.

The next step is  taking the required courses, which begin with learning about the history and future of journalism, the techniques of reporting and the grammar course. (If you fail the exam the first time, DON’T PANIC! The majority of students fail the first exam and pass on the second time). After overcoming the first phase in the journalism program you realize, it’s really not that bad and actually pretty interesting (with a load of reading and assignments!)

Now that you have successfully reached phase two, the reporting gets a bit more intense along with the class discussions. If you think you can hide in the corner of the room and pray the teacher doesn’t see you, you’ll never pass the class. Also, with the journalism program being so small its just about impossible to hide.

So now you have beat reporting, law, media and ethics class and photo journalism. An on campus internship is a requirement. Be sure to find out the guidelines, pre-requisites, and assignments that come along with the internship! Students overlook these aspects and unfortunately these mistakes only cause setbacks, so you have to have your thinking cap on at all times!

Since you’re so wrapped up in completing courses, you might forget that you have a multi-disciplinary concentration to also focus on, which is 18 credits in a concentration of your choice. But wait, you’re not done yet. Around this point an off campus internship with the outlet of your choice (broadcast, print, online) should be on your mind.

Now phase 3, “Entry point into the profession,” consists of reporting in NYC, advanced reporting and writing, TV production and the senior project. As a student halfway through with my own requirements, I can fully assure you that the journalism department at Stony Brook University does a spectacular job of preparing you of what to expect.


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