The Big Red Going Hard on Going Green


Lately, you may have noticed the exceptional remodeling of various dining halls and a few more food choices on campus, but if you take a closer look at the utensils, you may notice that there is also change in them too! Yes, they are biodegradable! How can you tell? Well, it says biodegradable on the handle!

This semester Stony Brook has become more serious on its efforts on going green. You may have remembered Stony Brook in previous years, when it first started its ‘going green mission,’ with  green biodegradable bags in previous semesters made with plastic that quickly degrades when it’s thrown out, reducing landfill space. Now Stony Brook continues to find new ways to help the enviornment by using  more biodegradable materials, found in almost every dining facility.


Next week find out how you can save money by going green on campus. While you help SBU save the planet… SBU will help you save some cash!

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